Child Development

with Splendid Vitality

Because in order to flourish as individuals, partners, and citizens, all children need first and foremost our love coupled with stimulation that is appropriate to their age and inclination.


To provide the foundations of scientific and individual development based on the two most significant intellectual conquests of humanity: pure mathematics and philosophy.

  • 1-year specialized program for 16 & 17 year-old charismatic/gifted children 
  • delivered via MENSA Hellas since 2020
Nature  Person
Space Identity
Time Inclusion
Gravity Relations & Association
Relativity Subjectivity
Complexity Hierarchy 
Entropy Organization & Authority
Indeterminacy Decision & Uncertainty
Critical Reasoning
Logic, Argumentation, Dialogue, Causality, Randomness, Complexity, Values, Truth


To provide a deeper intellectual context in the pursuit of scientific development, individual development, social development and citizenship.
  • 3-year holistic program for 12-15 year-old charismatic/gifted  children 
  • delivered via Charismathia since 2019
Natural Individual Social  Political
Space Individual identity Relational identity Collective identity
Time Consciousness Relations Hierarchy
Gravity Physical health Norms & Influence Organization & Authority
Relativity Self-esteem & Insecurity Prejudice & Exclusion Economy
Complexity Anxiety & Well-being Music & Dance Political powers & Corruption
Entropy Addiction Love & Desire Political economy
Symmetry Aesthetics Consent Ethics
Indeterminacy Purpose & Flourishing Imposition Justice
Critical Reasoning
Logic, Argumentation, Dialogue, Causality, Randomness, Complexity, Values, Truth

CHARISMATHIA: Out of the Box Competition

To introduce lower school children to a more holistic, substantial and interesting perspective on education.


CSR opportunity

Foundations, Organizations, Educational Organizations, Governmental Departments, EU Departments and other relevant bodies that share our aspirations and principles are welcome to contact us for the development and delivery of custom-made and age-appropriate programs that aim towards the intellectual and social development of children.


  • Parental affection.
  • Holism: natural, individual, relational, social, and citizen interaction. 
  • Relevance: age- and type-appropriate knowledge and skills for the development of sound young individuals.
  • Robustness:  the most important intellectual foundations, embellished by the latest significant scientific knowledge.