Adult Development

Soul-searching Voyages

Because in order to flourish as individuals, partners, and citizens we all need to find our purpose, the will to pursue it, and the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate safely in its pursuance.


Individual Identity Relational Identity Collective Identity
Physical health Relations Organization & Authority
Self-concept & Insecurity  Symmetry Norms &  Conformity
Cognition & Emotion Preference & Hierarchy Stereotyping, Exclusion & Prejudice
Anxiety and Depression Influence & Persuasion Economy & Justice 
Addiction Love, Desire & Sex Social Power & Corruption
Aesthetics Consent & Imposition Ethics
Individual Purpose & Flourishing  Relational Purpose Common Purpose
Individual Well-being Relational Well-being Social Well-being
Critical Reasoning
Logic, Argumentation, Dialogue, Causality, Randomness, Complexity, Values, Truth, Knowledge


Critical reasoning
Proof & Inference
Financial decision-making
Behavioral and Group decision-making
Strategic Decision-making
Conflict management
Arbitration & Mediation in the Family
Negotiation in the Family
Integrity & Authenticity


CSR opportunity

Foundations, Organizations, Governmental Departments, EU Departments or other relevant bodies that share our aspirations, principles and aims are welcome to join forces in the development and delivery of programmes that will address individual and collective existential concerns.


  • Respect of human dignity and all that it entails.
  • Holism: natural, individual, relational, social, and citizen interaction. 
  • Relevance: age- and type-appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Robustness:  the most important intellectual foundations embellished by the latest significant scientific knowledge and the most relevant skills.